Welcome to our website we are pleased to showcase Givendale English Springer Spaniels



We are not a commercial kennels but do breed from our dogs Occasionally so as to continue the Givendale IKC working lines, all our dogs are outstanding gundogs first and formost with every dog in the kennels trained to the highest standard , so pups are available to purchase sometimes  as we can't keep them all, as much as we would like to so please feel free to contact us if you are interested in owning a top class IKC working spaniel.

Breeding and training these hard working , beautiful spaniels is a passion and a way of life to us but we take immense pleasure from watching them work tirelessly in the search of game in the heaviest of cover , they are complete all round gundogs as happy in water retrieving duck at evening flight as they are woodcock shooting on a cold december day crashing into thick dykes covered in briars soaked and filthy but still full of enthusiasm and the undying urge to hunt on and on their stamina levels are on average three to four times that of the modern day field trial spaniel and their hunting drive immeasurable

We have always had a saying that a dog can only be as good as the person it is sold to and we are so pleased that over the last several years our Givendale pups have gone to people with great passion and love for hard hunting intelligent spaniels , fabulous homes were each pup is loved and looked after to the last, as the well being , health and happiness of a dog is of paramount importance , its a partnership of love and respect between dog and owner that makes a good spaniel into an outstanding one , along the way over the years we try and keep in touch with as many owners as possible and most have become great family friends and we are proud that so many wonderful people are now part of the Givendale family of owners

After returning home from France many years ago we set about searching for true working springers, dogs that had little or no modern day field trial breeding as we believe this has led to a decline in the stamina, hunting ability,natural instinct and initiative that has always been the attributes so admired in the working springer of old, of course all our dogs are IKC Registered and we have registered our dogs with the prefix kennel name of Givendale so in future generations people can be proud to own a Givendale Springer and be completely certain of its working background

This proud character to the left is Jack our stud dog and fabulous all round gundog and directly below him one of his sons Givendale Maximus also an outstanding powerhouse of a gun dog , Jack has several generations of Newflame Gundogs in his breeding, Newflame are Rytex free true working spaniels from Derbyshire in the UK but most of his lines are from the West of Ireland where they can be traced right back to the 1970's through people we are in contact with right now in 2020 its amazing how the appearance of these true working spaniels has changed very little in nearly 40 years so when you own a Givendale Spaniel your owning 4 decades of Irish Spaniel history .

Over the last few years Jacks pups have gone truly international with his pups now  residing in several countries including the USA , Canada , Denmark , Spain ,Wales , England, Finland , Jersey , Northern Ireland , and obviously here at home in Ireland its testament to him and the Givendale Ladies he has covered that their stamina , intelligence , trainability , immeasurable hunting drive and natural abilities , coupled with their outstanding beauty is in great demand by shooting people all over the world and recently they have gone to owners interested in " Search & Rescue as well as Customs dogs.