This is Drumkeen Hawk probably one of the bravest , hardest hunting , intelligent Spaniels I have ever had the privilege of owning and training she was the foundation bitch of the Givendale Kennels along with Fiz   , her ancestral lines are mostly Bridevalley & Sprucehill  , two fabulous Kennels renowned for their hard hunting powerful spaniels , so we are proud to base much of our breeding upon these fabulous lines , without forgetting to mention Newflame from Derbyshire in the UK  , we are now coupling these old lines through our Givendale bitches with old unheard of hard hunting West of Ireland lines in the form of Monty our new stud dog who has already proven to produce fabulous quality springers that train really easy and in quick smart time when we had our first litter by him to Givendale Holly in the summer of 2016 all 8 pups turned out to be absolute crackers with immeasurable drive , stamina and intelligence , the one I kept back to train for a customer in the UK  was amazing by the age of 10 months .
Its nice to be able to trace lines back to these fabulous dogs & of course Jack our main stud dog has also Bridevalley in his ancestry through his generations of Newflame and his old West of Ireland lines famed for their ability to hunt for woodcock all day in the harshest of terrain and cover so we count ourselves truly lucky to have broad shoulders from the past to stand on to reach new and exciting heights in the future.