We have two outstanding Stud Dogs available to suitable bitches , Jack seen here above and below , Jacks pups are now all over the world because of his incredible natural ability , intelligence and unbelievable physical and mental stamina , he is the complete all round spaniel and his pups follow on in his footsteps , Nitro  ( Givendale Maximus ) our other Stud ( pictured below ) is a stunning, intelligent , powerful dog again with immense stamina , both Jack & Nitro have no modern field trial lines whatsoever and no line breeding so they both really are full of the qualities so admired by the rough shooting person , these dogs can hunt the most arduous of consistent cover for up to 6 to 7 hours and do it all again the next day such is their recovery rate and physical stamina , please dont hesitate to contact us @ drumkeengundogs@hotmail.com  , and a quick PS please remember these two boys are out and out  old style fast powerful hunting spaniels so you wont see any ft names in their pedigrees but they are both beautiful dogs that will give you a stepping stone back to the days when a spaniel could hunt for longer then an hour or so