WoodCock Shooting is our first love and our Spaniels are built and bred for it , hunting hard , consistent cover for up to 7 hours a day takes a special kind of Spaniel , our aim has always been to breed and train that type of dog that looks beautiful to the eye but has the natural abilities , intelligence and stamina to be able to cope with the hardest terrain imaginable in search of a truly wild game bird that hides its self deep with thick overgrown cover sometimes 30 to 50 yard within thick forestry , so as you can imagine you need a Spaniel that is not afraid to work out of sight using its own natural ability and intelligence to know exactly where you are and find this magnificent bird and flush it in your direction and well within shot when it does exit the cover at really high speed and as if that wasn't enough they then have to come out of the forestry having no idea where the bird fell if you were lucky enough to hit it and make a retrieve in usually thick scrubby cover where the bird may have landed and sometimes ran on and hidden its self deep in ground cover , here is an example on just what it takes to be a top class woodcock dog with " Jack " making and incredible flush and retrieve in I believe just " 46 seconds "  just incredible which is why Jack and his pups are so special, the young dog Taz only a pup in this video also became an outstanding woodcock dog in his own right and now resides in the USA after his training and experience was complete .